Our Journey

How we became dog owners

Our journey began back in the spring of 2019 when we brought our Dalmatian Ellie with us home. We had spoken a few times over the past year about getting a dog and one winter evening our search led us to a Facebook page of an Icelandic Dalmatian breeder.


This was the beginning of our dog-life-journey.


About us

  • We are a married couple who are both animal lovers. We have two beautiful Maine Coon cats Freyja and Saga and our Dalmatian Ellie.


  • We both grew up with pets and it had been a dream of ours for a long time to get a dog. We finally let our dream come true and bought our beloved Ellie in 2019. 


  • We are both very enthusiastic dog owners and we have shown Ellie at several dog-shows in Iceland. Ellie enjoys being training, walking and bicycling so she really keeps us on our "toes". 

  • We live in Njarðvík, Iceland. Our passion is spending time outdoors, hiking, walking, camping and being active in the nature.  

The future lies ahead of us

Simon & Edvardas